Thursday, August 23, 2012

She sat on the only red leather chair facing the window, amused by the dancing snow that gathered thickly on the sill. Minutes passed. The whole house remained still. No stirring. Not a single footstep. Nothing.

She heard herself sigh as she witnessed the movement of the westering sun, signalling the darkness. She smiled. Finally, it's time.

She straightened herself up, looking around the room making sure that everything is where they should be. The pink little bag was placed askew on top of the  old toy chest. Her purse, which was given as an aniversary gift by her beloved Ted, safely sat on top of the dressing mirror. The bed was covered with fresh sheets. An unwashed glass, with remnants of last night's champagne, was placed beside the reading table, a half-read book next to it. She has read the book three times already, it can no longer stir her.

Ahh. Everyhting is so still, so quiet.

It's gonna be chilly outside. She walked into the other side of the room, opened the closet and took a suede leather coat. She put it over the red dress she's wearing. Ted once told her she looked pretty in that dress that's why she chose to wear it tonight.

The stitched wound on her arm is now starting to feel itchy because of the chill. She scratched it. A small gash opened and a drop of blood seeped through the jacket. She frowned at the gushing blood, then smiled.

It will all soon be over. It's time.

The wind is starting to blew stronger. Strands of her wavy golden streaks covered half of her face. She push them back, tucking them on her ears, and then pulled the coat closer to ward off the chill.

She closed her eyes and she suddenly  heard the screeching of the car, the sound of little Peggy crying. The last thing she felt was the touch of cold water on her warm body. Then  blackness.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's a slimeball, life is.

You take one step forward,
it pulls you two steps back.
At some point you stop trying.
Prostrated from all the fighting.


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